19 invoices hold NT$10 million prize number in March-April lottery

A total of 19 sales receipts issued in March and April had the winning number 32220402 drawn in the government's bimonthly invoice lottery, each carrying the top prize of NT$10 million (US$342,255), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Wednesday.

Among the 19 "Special Prize" winning receipts, the smallest spending was NT$15 for a drink at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Taipei's Xinyi District, said the ministry, which oversees the lottery.

Four of the receipts were for transactions of under NT$100, including a NT$20 parking fee in Keelung City and a NT$25 drink bought at a Hi-Life convenience store in Yunlin County, according to the MOF.

In addition to the NT$10 million top prize receipts, there were 13 that had the number for the "Grand Prize" of NT$2 million, including one issued for handling fees of NT$12 at a FamilyMart convenience store in Changhua County, the ministry said.

Sales receipts, officially called "uniform invoices" in Taiwan, are issued in standardized formats for purchases and other transactions.

The uniform invoice lottery was set up by the government to encourage consumers to collect their sales receipts whenever they make a purchase, so as to prevent tax evasion by retailers and other vendors. The prize money is paid from the business tax collected by the government.

The March-April lottery prizes, the smallest of which is NT$200, can be claimed between June 6 and Sept. 5, 2022, according to the MOF.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel