2016 Get-together Meeting for Japanese Companies in Taoyuan

While attending the 2016 Get-together Meeting for Japanese Companies in Taoyuan held at Chateau de Chine Hotel Taoyuan in the morning of October 11th 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that there are two important ongoing projects in Taoyuan, which named Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project and the Asia Silicon Valley Plan. Both of these shall leverage the advantages provided by Taoyuan International Airport and industrial development to improve the overall investment environment and forge Taoyuan as an investment-friendly city. Taoyuan is an important place for Japanese businesses, and Taoyuan city is a home for nearly 200 Japanese companies. Both sides have taken part in extensive technological exchanges and sales partnerships. Mayor Cheng welcomes Japanese companies to invest in Taoyuan as the City provides a safe environment, and promises full supports by the Taoyuan City Government.

According to Mayor Cheng, the International Airport offers Taoyuan with great accessibility such as travelers fly from Taoyuan to other major cities across Asia will spend less than three hours on traffic which makes it a hub of international transport and provides a distinctive advantage. The central government is also helping to construct Terminal 3, Runway 3, and the Free Trade Zone for the International Airport, all of which are taking place according to schedule. The number of arriving and departing travelers at Taoyuan International Airport is expected to rise from 38 million to 42 million in 2016. Service efficiency will be further improved in the future which will provide Taoyuan with great potential for development.

Mayor Cheng said that Airport Access MRT is undergoing testing. Once improvements have been made, the MRT will be opened to the public. The finished system allows commuters to travel between Taipei Station and Taoyuan International Airport in 35 minutes, effectively linking Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan City to create the capital lifestyle circle. Furthermore, Taoyuan's population is also growing rapidly. At the end of August 2016, 2.132 million citizen has lived in Taoyuan city which demonstrates a growth of 80,000 individuals within two years and prove that Taoyuan is the prime choice for young people looking to settle down. Taoyuan is a home for 16 colleges and universities and good employment prospects with a labor participation rate of 59.6%, coming in second of the six municipalities.

Mayor Cheng also said that the central government and Taoyuan City Government would also be setting aside special zones and districts for industrial development, such as Taoyuan High-Tech Industrial Park Phase 2 Project, where land registration has reached nearly 80%. Plans have also been made to construct a second incinerator as well as biomass energy centers to achieve independent waste handling capabilities, improve the efficiency of industrial waste disposal, and achieve significant enhancements to air, soil, and water pollution indicators to construct a city for sustainable management. Taoyuan City Government is also promoting other new programs for Smart City and Smart Industries. Colleges and their research and development potential will also be integrated to establish better business, government, and education partnerships.

Mayor Cheng mentioned that the Taoyuan City Government has achieved positive exchanges with Japan. Since entering into office, the city government has signed friendly exchange agreements with Chiba Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Narita City, and Kaga City of Japan. Multiple exchange activities were also carried out with Okinawa. Special invitations were sent to Chiba, Kagawa, and Okinawa to display their goods and products at the Taoyuan Shopping Festival organized by the Taoyuan City Government which starts from October 27th to 30th 2016. This will allow citizens gain a better understanding of Japanese cities. Mutual observations and learning were also arranged for Taoyuan Land Art Festival and Setouchi Triennale. Taiwan-Japan relationships are expected to become stronger in the future.

Mayor Cheng emphasized the mission of Taoyuan City Government to forge Taoyuan as an investment-friendly city with single-counter and total counseling services, providing complete supports from acquiring land, construction licenses, usage licenses, operation licenses, and even employee recruitment. Japanese companies are welcomed to invest in Taoyuan.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan city councilor Huang Ching-Ping, General Manager of Japan Airlines Taiwan Branch Yasuyuki Sato, President of Yuan Ze University Wu Jyh-Yang, Editor-in-Chief of Digital Content Department of Business Weekly Jason Wang, President of China Credit Information Service Ltd. David Chang Ta-wei, and Taoyuan city councilors Chang Chao-Liang and Chen Mei-Mei. Attendants from Taoyuan City Government included Secretary-General Li Hsien-Ming, Director-general Chu Sung-Wei of the Department of Economic Development, Director-general Kao Pang-Chi of the Department of Transportation, Director-general Chen Hsi-Chen of the Department of Land Administration, Director-general Liu Chen-Yu of the Department of Water Resources, Director-general Chen Chia-Chun of the Department of Youth Affairs. Director-general Kao An-Pang of the Department of Education, Director-general Tsai Tzu-Chun of the Department of Public Health, and Director-general Shen Chih-Hsiu of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Source: Taoyuan City