2016 Promotion of Traditional Operas in Taoyuan City

While attending the 2016 Promotion of Traditional Operas in Taoyuan City - Dalun Performance at Zhongli at the Dalun Chung De Temple in Zhongli District in the evening of October 10th 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the Chung De Temple is a center of local faith. The performance was classical piece titled Zhou Gong Fa Dou Taohua Nu (Lord Zhou versus the Peach Maid) that was given by Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group. This opera has a history of nearly 30 years, and was introduced as part of Taiwan's folk celebrations by director Chen Sheng-Kuo. The play was made even more exciting with wonderful performances given by Sun Tsui-Feng, the best Chou (male clown) role Chen Sheng-Tsai, and Huadan (unmarried female role) Cheng Ya-Sheng.

Mayor Cheng mentioned that the Taoyuan City Government has made use of the airport noise compensation to provide free school lunches for junior high and elementary schools in the Dalun area. Plans have been made to develop Dalun into a recreational farming area.

Mayor Cheng said that development programs are now gradually put in place in Zhongli with the hopes of encouraging regional development. These included the Xingnan Station (A20) and Huanbei Station (A21) of the Airport Access MRT; the restoration of Laojie River from the upstream Pingzhen Bogong Pond to the downstream basin that stretches from Dalun to Qingpu District; the establishment of the Taoyuan City Arts Museum, exhibit center, and the Asia Exchange Center for Creative R&D Professionals as part of the Asia Silicon Valley Plan in Qingpu District and a new Land Affairs Office in Guoling area.

Mayor Cheng said that it is the role and duty of the city government in caring for every citizen. Taoyuan City Government has continued to improve various constructions and development programs in Zhongli while inviting leading art groups to offer high quality performances in the city to make Taoyuan a Cultural Metropolis infused with artistic and cultural elements.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan City Council Chairperson Ciou Yi-Sheng, city councilors Huang-Fu Shu-Hsiang and Liu-Tseng Yu-Chun, Taoyuan City Government Secretary-General Li Hsien-Ming, Deputy Director-general of the Department of Cultural Affairs Tang Lien-Cheng, Zhongli District Chief Lin Hsiang -Mei, and leader of the Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group Chen Sheng-Fu.

Source: Taoyuan City