CEO confidence in growth dips dramatically

  • Uncertainty in global economic growth in almost all countries, caution prevails
  • US remains key target market for growth with China narrowing the gap, both see a decline from 2018
  • Trade conflicts, policy uncertainty, geopolitical issues and skills gap impacting strength
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The Water Conservancy Administration held a press conference against the Yufeng industry in the north of the ring. The water purification system improvement plan for the mountain water purification plant is not related to the stability of water use in Taiwan.

At 10 o'clock on the morning of the 22nd, the Legislative Councillor Liu Jianguo and the Taiwan Water Conservation Alliance and other environmental groups held a press conference to revoke the Yufengyu Industrial Special Project, opposing the prospective plan for …

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The number of employed people was 111.81 million, the number of unemployed was 436,000, the unemployment rate was 3.66%, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.70%, and the labor force participation rate was 59.09%.

In January and December, the number of employed people was 11.48 million, an increase of 6,000 or 0.05% per month. The average number of employed people in the year was 11.43 million, an increase of 82,000 or 0.73% compared with …

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