23 Taiwanese arrested for alleged telecom fraud

Taipei-Twenty-three Taiwanese suspects involved in cross-border telecom fraud in Japan, India and Southeast Asia have been arrested and a request for the detention of the main suspects has been approved, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) said Monday.

The ring, led by a man identified by his surname Hu (?), allegedly set up a front company in Taoyuan in 2017 and recruited gangsters with the promise of lucrative rewards, the bureau said.

The ring members then set up call centers in India, Malaysia, Japan and Cambodia to carry out the fraud, according to the CIB.

In July, through a joint operation by police in Taiwan and Malaysia, Hu and other ring members were arrested at a call center in a luxury house in Malaysia.

After appearing in court in Malaysia, Hu was repatriated Nov. 6.

Hu was one of six suspects brought back to Taiwan for interrogation by the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office. Hu was detained, while the other five were released on bail.

In addition, nine other suspects in Taiwan responsible for general affairs, bill collection services and call operations were also arrested, with core members of the ring detained, while the others were released on NT$100,000 (US$3,279)-NT$200,000 bail.

In August, police also arrested eight other ring members, including the mastermind in the case, surnamed Yen (?), who was detained.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel