41 Thai people from Lao Kai failed to return home today.

Chiang Rai, “Myanmar” has not approved 41 Thai people to leave Chiang Tung. In the process of checking information while the Pha Muang troops Meeting to adjust the plan to reduce the level of preparedness

Maj. Gen. Praphat Phopsuwan, commander of the Pha Mueang Army. Meeting last evening To follow the progress of the repatriation of 41 Thai people back to their country. After throughout the day rushing to help, there were reports that Thai people would be sent to travel from Chiang Tung Province to Tachileik Province. But so far it has not departed. Which is likely not coming today. In addition, there are reports that after 6:00 p.m. there will be a curfew period in Chiang Tung. No travel is allowed.

Recently, a representative from the Emmanuel Foundation who is coordinating in Chiang Tung Giving a telephone interview to the media that Until now, the order for 41 Thai people to leave has not been approved. But initially everyone is safe. have a strong mind and waiting for the hope of returning to Thailand. The fact that Myanmar officials brought 3 Thai people for questioning It is probably only an initial check to see if it matches the information received by the authorities or not. Which is not a reason for not being allowed to travel back.

Source: Thai News Agency