A drug-crazed young man stabbed a public health officer to death. Driving across the province, he kept stabbing people.

Lampang, A drug-crazed young man invaded the house of Ngao District Chief, the DSO stopped him, and was stabbed to death. Before stealing a car and driving across the province, he kept stabbing people, injuring 6 people and damaging 4 cars before he was defeated in Mae Jai District, Phayao Province, claiming to have argued with his wife. and had taken drugs before The perpetrator was Mr. Nonpawit, 39 years old, a resident of Doi Lan subdistrict, Mueang district, Chiang Rai province, who broke into the residence of the Ngao District Chief, Lampang Province, with Mr. Phisit Sitthichum, 42 years old, a member of the Ngao District Territorial Defense Volunteer. performing duties So I went to inquire. and take control But the man used a sharp knife about 1 foot long and stabbed one wound in the left side of his abdomen, seriously injured. Rescuers took him to Ngao Hospital, where he died later. Then the culprit Riding a motorcycle without a license plate Escape via the superhighway. Then he went and stole a green pickup truck at the Ban Mai red light intersection. Which was approximately 1 km from the scene of the incident before driving away and parking at a PTT gas station, Nong Hiang, Village No. 2, Na Kae Subdistrict, Ngao District, in order to snatch a 4-door pickup truck that was parked in front of a convenience store. in the gas station They used a knife to cut the driver, a 61-year-old man, who was injured in his left temple. But the driver ran into the car and drove off in shock. Causing the car to lose control and crash into a tree in front of a convenience store. The perpetrator saw the bad posture and drove the same pickup truck that he stole. Fleeed along the Ngao-Phayao district road for approximately 7-8 kilometers before stopping in front of a convenience store in Pong Tao branch, Pong Tao Subdistrict, Ngao District, where he used a knife to attack a 45-year-old seafood vendor. into the middle of the back and head while stopping to buy things Then he stole a pickup truck and drove away for another 5-6 km before the car lost control and crashed into the car of a flea market vendor. Near Pracharat Wittaya School Many vehicles were damaged. and used a knife to slash the face of the owner of a Mitsubishi Pajero. who came down to see the event Because he thought there had been an accident and would come down to help another person who was injured. The villain hasn't stopped yet. He stole a Pajero and drove away towards Phayao Province. and when driving to the front of Phayao University He caused a stabbing incident and injured a person there. Then drove away again. which the officers tried to drive in a thrilling pursuit Until finally they were able to arrest him in Mae Chai District, Phayao Province. Initially, 1 person died and 6 were injured. The perpetrator admitted to arguing with his girlfriend in Chiang Rai province. and took a lot of amphetamines Before riding a motorcycle headed to work in Phitsanulok Province But arrived in the evening at the Na Kae drug checkpoint, Ngao District, so he asked to sleep at the checkpoint. But the officer told him to sleep at Ngao Police Station before causing the incident. Recently, reporters went to the area of ??the PTT Nong Hiang gas station, Village No. 2, Na Kae Subdistrict, Ngao District, Lampang Province, where thieves tried to steal a car. Then used a knife to attack the owner of the car, causing a head injury in front of a convenience store. Inside the pump, evidence of a collision with a tree and drops of blood on the floor could still be seen. and the CCTV images can be seen that The culprit drove into the entrance of the gas station before encountering another sedan. which is waiting to cross the road to the other side Later, the assailant got out of the car and used a knife to steal the sedan. But the driver drove off first. This caused the culprit to get back into the car and drive into the gas station at the same time as a 61-year-old man was backing out of a convenience store. The culprit then drove into the back of the car and got out of the car and attacked him. When the injured person is injured So he ran towards the convenience store before the culprit turned back to using the same pickup truck he had taken to escape. Turn back towards the superhighway. Amidst the panic of the villagers who were in the incident

The reporter reported that from the said incident only in Lampang Province. (Phayao Province not yet included) There was 1 death, 7 minor and serious injuries, and a total of 6 cars damaged.

Source: Thai News Agency