About the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei released the “2019 Business Climate Survey” More than 40% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the 5+2 industry innovation plan implementation response

According to the survey report, 30.73% of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the implementation progress of the 5+2 Industry Innovation Promotion Plan promoted by the government, and the dissatisfied people reached 40.78%. For the 5+2 industry innovation plan policy to benefit Taiwan's economic development, 63.69 expressed % approval, and another 41.9% of respondents indicated that the policy has an impact on the company's future expansion in Taiwan.

Based on the strategy of new economic growth model of innovation, employment and distribution, the government plans to promote the 5+2 Industry Innovation Promotion Plan for the future national security, energy independence, smart city, and aging society. The company has gradually stepped onto the track. The 107th Ministry of Economic Affairs has contributed to the related industry investment amounting to 274.48 billion yuan, successfully attracting Microsoft, IBM, Google, Cisco, AWS (Amazon), Esmol (ASML), Siemens, Rockwell, Global heavyweights such as Dassault and Merck have set up R&D or innovative application centers in Taiwan. The results of various industries are as follows:

1. Wisdom Machinery: Through the SMB and the establishment of the public network platform (NIP) and other system solutions, 1,300 devices have been connected in 107 years to assist SMEs to import. Production digitalization; and cooperation with Europe (Siemens, Dassault, Atlanta, Igus), Japan (IVI, Phoxter), Thailand (Thai Feng) and the Philippines (Polaris) to jointly develop smart machine market opportunities .

2. Green Energy Technology: Promoted the establishment of the Wind-Team International Cooperation Alliance led by Sinosteel, and the Taiwanese ship as the first group Marine-Team Offshore Wind Power Maritime Engineering Alliance, including Century Steel, Xingda Haiji, Yongguan, Taiwanese companies such as Taiwanese ships have gradually established their energy in the development of geochemical industries.

Third, the circular economy: On December 4, 107, the Executive Yuan approved the "Circular Economy Promotion Plan", following the two major axes of "circular industrialization" and "industrial recycling", promoting "recycling technology and materials innovation research and development and special zones", Four new strategies for the Recycling Demonstration Park, Energy Integration and Industrial Symbiosis, and Green Consumption and Trading. In the 107 years, in promoting the high value and low carbon transformation of the materials industry, it has promoted R&D investment of 500 million yuan and equipment investment of 1 billion yuan.

4. "Asia ? Shibuya": Through the industrial chain energy of the industry alliance, the industry chain energy of the Acer, MediaTek, Advantech and other industries will help promote the establishment of the "Asia ? ? Grain Networking Industry Alliance", which has more than 380 Internet of Things Relevant manufacturers join to jointly strive for IoT business opportunities.

V. Biomedical Industry: Promote the revision of the biotechnology new drug industry development regulations, and use measures such as scientific and technological career recommendation, as well as the introduction of legal person research and development energy, to assist the industry to break through the process obstacles, expand the international market, and promote domestic and foreign capital investment in the biotechnology industry. In 2007, the investment in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in China reached 55.26 billion yuan, a 5% increase over 106 years.

6. National Defense Industry: The SINOMACH has facilitated the signing of a new high-education machine commissioned manufacturing contract between Hanxiang and 120 domestic players such as Zhulong and Putian. The total amount of the contract has been NT$1,875 million. The National Shipbuilding Department, the Ministry of National Defense and the Marine Commission's Sea Guard has also proposed a shipbuilding demand of approximately NT$67.6 billion. Shipyards such as Taiwan Shipbuilding, CITIC and Longde have been associated with Hongsheng (propeller) and Shenang ( Ships and other manufacturers have jointly won the bid. In the Zi'an part, through the establishment of the third-party impartial mechanism "Zi'an Integrated Service Platform", the domestic capital security industry and the field owners will jointly promote the measurement of 10 niche sites such as smart cities, semiconductor wafers and medical Internet of Things.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to target smart machinery (Smart Manufacturing), Asia ? Silicon Valley (IoT solution related, cloud, 5G and AI), Green Energy Technology (electric vehicle battery), biotechnology (medical and medical equipment), national defense technology Industries such as (information security), taking stock of investment opportunities and industry chain gaps, combining the resources of the administrative department and the strength of industry experts, actively attracting international companies and key technology companies to invest in Taiwan through overseas investment groups and investment forums. Domestic manufacturers cooperate in investment. In addition, the resources of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be combined to enable more overseas companies to grasp the 5+2 industry innovation plan to promote progress and related policy resources, and jointly participate in Taiwan's industrial development business opportunities.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C