About Us

The Taiwan Wire Service is the country’s top online news website, which has been covering all sorts of news for many years and it has become the renowned name in the Asean region’s news industry and that got possible only because of the professionalism of the team behind this news website. You will come across the diversity in the news on our website and that reveals, we publish news for various sorts of visitors and for all kinds of age groups. We believe in making the news industry free from being influenced by any pressure group or by any political stance and that is what we ensure through sticking to the basic teachings of journalism. We are not only the simple team behind this news website in fact, we are the responsible team behind Taiwan Wire Service, whose responsibility is to make sure that news is not spiced up as many other websites do, which have indulged themselves into a useless war of coming up with breaking news and that is only to get ratings by any means.

As our news website has succeeded to mark its existence in the Asean news industry, so it has also brought more responsibility on us in order to keep the credibility of Taiwan Wire Service unquestioned, because our news website comes among those ones on which the international media depends on when it comes to finding out the keep changing political and economic scenarios of the Asean region. So one can think of how much we have to keep ensuring that the news which are being published are fully authentic and for that we have to keep an eye on our news sources despite they are our reliable news sources.

We are known to encourage businesses to leverage our platform for their marketing purposes, because we believe that it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for businesses to get recognized internationally and dominate the markets of other regions. Through this attribute of our news website, we try to contribute in accelerating the business activities in the Asean region, which eventually becomes the reason of keeping the region’s economic growth progressive. The Taiwan Press Release service of our news website is what that is not only the first choice of the businesses in Taiwan; in fact its popularity is accepted regionally by the regional corporate sector.

The social media team on our news website is highly devoted to let the readers believe that their points of views regarding different kinds of news on our news website are appreciated and that is the reason we constantly witness new traffic coming to our news website from social media sites. Our readers appreciate our services which get them aware of all the happenings with comfort and they are daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.