Absconded migrant worker arrested in Nantou for timber theft

Taipei-A Vietnamese migrant worker who has run away from his lawful employment in Taiwan was arrested for timber theft and possession of drugs in Nantou County on Sunday, according to local police.

The suspect surnamed Nguy?n was stopped and arrested by local police at the 73-kilometer mark on Provincial Highway 14, the police sub-station in Jenai Township said.

Four pieces of Taiwan red cypress weighing 23 kilograms, a chainsaw, three wood backrests, 0.69 grams of amphetamine and a bong were also seized. It was later determined that Nguy?n had run away from his employer in Taiwan.

Police suspect that Nguy?n works for a local timber stealing ring, after he admitted under questioning to stealing rare red cypress timber from government-run forest areas. He also described transporting the wood to Puli Township and selling it to Taiwanese to be turned into handicraft work for sale, they said.

Meanwhile, the case has been turned over to Nantou prosecutors for further investigation on charges of theft as well as contravening the Forestry Act, the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act and the Immigration Act.

Nantou police, who acted on a tip off, said they had been monitoring the movement of the motorcycle driven by Nguy?n, which was often seen parked in the Hehuanshan parking lot with the plate of another vehicle.

According to the police, they also received information that the motorcycle was often loaded with items wrapped in large non-transparent plastic bags when it came down from the mountain.

Based on Nguy?n's statement, Nantou police said they will continue to investigate the case and track down other suspects to protect Taiwan's forestry resources.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel