Acer CEO to take over as chairman next year

The incumbent chief executive officer of Taiwan-based PC brand Acer Inc. (??) will take the post of company chairman next year, according to Acer founder and honorary Chairman Stan Shih (???).

Shih disclosed the succession plan for Jason Chen (???) to reporters in a news conference held Wednesday to celebrate Acer's 40th anniversary, saying that the PC vendor also plans to reshuffle its board of directors.

Shih said that Acer is expected to elect Chen, 55, as the company's chairman to succeed Gorge Huang (???).

The reshuffle is aimed at making the management of Acer younger, to lead the company ahead, Shih said.

Chen was named Acer CEO in December 2013 and took the helm Jan. 1, 2014. Before joining Acer, he was senior vice president for global marketing of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC, ???), the world's largest contract chip maker.

Shih described Chen as a leader who is open-minded, and praised him for his efforts to fulfill his commitments.

The Acer founder likened Chen to TSMC Chairman Morris Chang (???), saying that Chen, like Chang, perceives Acer as his own business and works hard for the company rather than simply working as a salaryman.

According to Shih, before Chen joined Acer, the founder had told him that Acer would provide a stage for Chen and would be willing to grow with Chen. Shih said that Chen has bought many Acer shares from the open market to show his close ties with the company.

As of August, Chen owned 2.56 million Acer shares, compared with zero before he took the CEO title, according to data compiled by the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Chen led a delegation to the IFA, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Europe, that was held Sept. 2-7 in Berlin, to demonstrate Acer's efforts in virtual reality development, which has been seen as one of the drivers to boost the company's revenue and speed the pace of growth at a time when the global PC market remains slow.

In the IFA, Acer announced that it has started to ship its VR headset -- StarVR -- which was jointly developed with Sweden-based game developer Starbreeze. The VR headset is expected to be used in a Los Angeles-based VR center of the global cinema chain IMAX by the end of this year.

According to Acer, IMAX owns more than 1,000 cinemas in 72 countries worldwide and is the largest customer of the StarVR. Acer said that IMAX is planning to set up a similar VR center in each of its theaters to allow movie goers to experience the booming technology.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel