Activists call on government to protect water resources

Environmental groups marked World Water Day across Taiwan on Sunday, by calling on the government to protect the nation's water resources. The groups held events in advance of the internationally designated day on March 22.

One of the groups, the Taiwan Water Resources Protection Union (TWRPU), staged a skit in front of Taipei City Hall, demanding that the city government strengthen efforts to protect water resources. In particular, the group expressed concerns about Feitsui Reservoir, which supplies nearly six million people in Greater Taipei with water.

The group spoke out against a plan to build a rail line to connect Taipei with Yilan. That line would pass through the reservoir's catchment area.

TWRPU Director Jennifer Nien said Feitsui Reservoir has the highest quality water in Taiwan. She said the government should attach greater importance to water safety and forgo the railway plan.

Meanwhile, several environmental groups held similar events aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting water resources in other reservoirs around the country. Activists from scores of environmental protection groups delivered petitions to water authorities in Taichung and Tainan, calling on them to protect water catchment areas.

Source: Radio Taiwan International