Adopted brothers return from U.S. to search for biological parents

Taipei-Two Taiwanese brothers who were adopted at an early age by an American family are hoping to reunite with their biological parents in Taiwan after more than 30 years.

Beverly Skiles, who founded the Home of God’s Love orphanage in Yilan County’s Luodong Township with her husband Ted Skiles, said Saturday that the brothers very much hope to reach out to their Taiwanese parents.

The two boys, named by their adoptive parents Michael and Christopher Paynter, were found abandoned at Zhongshan Park in Yilan County’s Luodong Township 34 years ago by local police.

At the time, Michael was roughly two years old, while his younger sibling Christopher was only a few months old, according to the Luodong Precinct who discovered the abandoned children on the night of May 9, 1985.

Their parents did not leave any note, police said, adding that the only things found with the children were milk powder and clean clothes.

They were later entrusted to the care of American missionary couple Ted and Beverly Skiles at their orphanage in Luodong, after several months passed without anyone claiming the abandoned children.

Beverly said she knew of a church friend in the U.S. who at the time had been looking to adopt, and after several legal issues were resolved, the boys were brought to their new home in a little town in Missouri the following year.

Michael and Christopher are now in their early to mid-30s and living comfortably in the U.S. where they have families of their own, according to the non-profit Luodong orphanage.

The orphanage tried to help the boys find their biological parents about 10 years ago, but there are no new clues as to their identity, she said.

Beverly said Christopher, who is a doctor in the U.S., returned to attend an adoption reunion held at Luodong orphanage in June, where he shared his experiences growing up in an adoptive family.

According to Huang Yao-fa (???), a doctor who provides medical services to children from the Home of God’s Love orphanage through his clinic in Luodong, the Paynter brothers still hope to find their biological parents in Taiwan, to share their life story and experiences growing up.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel