AIT: New Southbound policy helps stabilize cross-strait ties

The top US envoy to Taiwan, James Moriarty, says the DPP government's New Southbound policy helps stabilize cross-strait ties. He was speaking Friday in an interview.

Moriarty, chair of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), took office recently after the retirement of his predecessor, Raymond Burghardt. The AIT is a semi-official organization responsible for bilateral ties in the absence of official links. Its Taipei office serves as the de factor US embassy in Taiwan.

The government's New Southbound policy is aimed at forging closer ties with India, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia as well as ASEAN member countries.

Moriarty said the policy allows Taiwan to better connect with the rest of the world. That's because more countries will support Taiwan if they all have shared values and interests.

Moriarty also said no economy should be overly reliant on another single economy, as it is too dangerous. The comment refers to concerns of Taiwan's economy being overly reliant on China.

Source: Radio Taiwan International