Alleged drugs found at air base in Taichung, testing launched

Taipei--Personnel at an air base in Taichung, central Taiwan are being urine-tested after 27 packages of what is suspected to be drugs were discovered at the base two days ago.

As of Wednesday noon, over 1,250 servicemen had been tested, and all were declared drug-free, according to Shih Sheng-te (???), political warfare director at the Ching Chuan Kang air base.

Shih said there is no evidence so far as to who possessed the alleged drugs, which were being tested by military police. It is expected that the test results will come out by the end of the day, he added.

The packages of white powder and one pipe were spotted on a driveway in the base Monday as base officers were on a routine patrol, according to the Air Force Command Headquarters, which released a statement on Tuesday.

The statement said that the base had reported the discovery to military police soon afterward. Initial test results show that the powder could be amphetamine and ketamine, two illegal drugs, it said.

A task force has been organized and dispatched to the base to assist in the investigation, the Air Force Command Headquarters said, reiterating its determination to fight against drugs.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel