Also my 30th anniversary of my mother tongue “My native Taiwanese song” pop concert 12/27-12/29 North High and two places debut

On December 28, 1988, the "My Mother Language Movement" broke through the vocal framework with the "peace, struggle, save the Hakka" and "modify the radio and television law", defending Hakka's right to speak, and making the "Hakka" issue public! This year coincides with the "30th Anniversary of My Mother Language Campaign". The Hakka Committee will hold "My Mother Language" on the first floor of Taipei Station and the Dome of Kaohsiung MRT Mira Island Station from December 27th to December 29th. The Taiwanese song "pop" concert, invited the Golden Melody Award, the Golden Sound Creation Award and the original group of 22 outstanding teams to win the game, telling the musicians the original intention and dream of the original language creation.

The visiting committee said that the popular concert is a Hakka native language that combines modern rock, hip hop, blues, folk, lyrical and other musical styles to interpret the new look of modern Hakka pop music. In addition, he was invited to receive the four-part Golden Award winner Liu Yuxi, who created the theme song of "Everyone Walks Together", and 13 artists joined together to sing. There are also. The Hakka Music Road] 19 short films, broadcast on the event site and online platform, let the public understand the efforts of Hakka musicians to contribute to the creation of their mother tongue, the beauty of works and the beauty of Hakka music.

The "My Native Taiwanese Song" pop concert will be held simultaneously from December 27th to December 29th at the North High School. The Taipei Field (the first floor lobby of Taipei Station) will perform singers: Chen Mingzhu, Luo Wenyu, Huang Yushu x String Orchestra, Ou Kai Choir, Huang Zixuan and Shan Ping Kui, Er Ben, Mi Sha x Underground River Orchestra, Chen Yongtao x Beipu Township Children and Culture Association, Ye Wei, iColor Aike, Tang Yuxuan x Roberto Zayas x Martin Musaubach, Liu Yuxi Kaohsiung Stadium (Kaohsiung MRT Mira Island Station Dome Hall) performance singer: Gina Can, Chen Zhenghang, Huang Lianzhen x Loulou Band, Lin Shengxiang x Dazhuyan, Huang Yujie, Yan Zhiwen, Luo Sirong x Chen Siming x Ale, Qiu Lishu Zeng Zhongkai, Zeng Yajun, Long Xuanqi, etc., this event is free to take a seat, welcome the people to come to the scene, and feel the lively music feast!

Source: Hakka Affairs Council