Another survivor, one body pulled from capsized boat off Shimen

A Chinese fisherman was pulled alive from the hull of a fishing boat Sunday, while the body of the captain was found on board, two days after it capsized off the coast of New Taipei City.

The survivor, identified as Lin Moufu (???), was rescued at 10:50 a.m. after rescue workers cut open the hull of the vessel, which was carrying eight crew members when it capsized off Cape Fugui in Shimen District last Friday.

At about 2 p.m. Sunday, the body of the captain, Taiwanese Wu Tsung-te (???), was found in a cabin after the vessel was pulled upright.

The other five crew members, three Chinese and two Vietnamese, were still missing and were believed to be trapped in the wreckage of the Chin Jui Yi No. 88 (???88?), which washed onto a shoal off the city's Shimen District on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Lin, the second survivor to be rescued since the accident occurred, appeared to be suffering from hypothermia and was taken to the Tamsui branch of Mackay Memorial Hospital but had no visible injuries, paramedics said.

Lin said he had been trapped in a cabin for two days, partially submerged and without food or water.

Asked about the fate of the other crew members, he said he had heard some knocking after the accident but the sounds stopped after a while and he had heard nothing else until the voices of the rescue workers reached him Sunday morning.

When he heard the voices, Lin said, he began knocking on the sides of the cabin to attract attention.

The rescue workers, from a private marine search and rescue company that was hired by the boat owner, were working in collaboration with the New Taipei Fire Department, which had to cut open the hull of the vessel to reach Lin after his knocking was heard.

The Chin Jui Yi No. 88, which sailed from Keeling on Dec. 7, was fishing for shrimp off Zhuwei in Tamshui on Dec. 9 when it encountered bad weather and began heading for a port in Shimen at around 5 p.m.

Three hours later, it capsized in rough seas and one Chinese crewman Lin Moude was pulled from the water by another boat in the area.

As of Sunday, he and Lin Moufu were the only two survivors as the search and rescue operations continued for the five missing crewmembers.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel