Approaching cold air mass to affect Taiwan until Monday night: CWB

A cold air mass approaching Taiwan will likely affect the island until Lunar New Year's Eve on Monday night, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast on Sunday.

Temperatures were expected to fall into the night Sunday, with the mercury dipping to 12-15 degrees Celsius in northern, central and northeastern Taiwan and 15-17 degrees in eastern Taiwan, the CWB said.

Sporadic showers were forecast for central and southern Taiwan, while clear or cloudy skies were expected around the rest of the island and in the offshore Penghu County, the bureau said.

The cold air mass will affect all parts of the country on Monday, and bring brief showers to northern and eastern Taiwan as well as the Matsu and Kinmen Islands, the CWB forecast.

It should weaken on Tuesday and Wednesday, sending temperatures slightly higher as Taiwanese celebrate the first two days of the Year of the Tiger, the bureau forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel