Arms sale shows US backs Taiwan’s defensive autonomy: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen has said the latest US arms sale to Taiwan demonstrates Washington's commitment to Taiwan's defensive autonomy. The president was speaking Tuesday while meeting a delegation from the Atlantic Council, an American international affairs think tank.

Tsai said the arms package announced at the end of last month shows the Trump administration's ongoing commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act. The 1979 act legislates for US relations with Taiwan in the absence of formal diplomatic ties.

The president said that economic ties between the United States and Taiwan are also doing well. She cited promising discussions at last month's SelectUSA investment summit in Washington DC. She also pointed out that Taiwan and the US also work closely together in a number of areas, including the Global Cooperation and Training Framework.

President Tsai also said that the Trump administration's decision to ditch the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact had caused a number of countries in the region to rethink their trade policies. She said her government would continue to observe the resulting developments.

Source: Radio Taiwan International