Asia connections a pillar for Taiwan moving forward: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen says she sees greater connection with other Asian societies being an important pillar for Taiwan in the years ahead. The president on Tuesday was addressing over 100 representatives of overseas Chinese communities from 12 countries in Asia.

The president said her administration is pushing its New Southbound policy to increase exchanges and cooperation with nations in South and Southeast Asia. At the same time, she also expressed desire for closer ties with Japan and South Korea.

The president also spoke of the government's major infrastructure plan which covers green energy, smart cities and transportation networks among other aspects. She described the project as one which seeks input from all sectors of society and bridges rival political camps.

"This plan seeks to lay a foundation for Taiwan 20 years down the road. It does not discriminate between green and blue camps, or between central and local governments. What is more important is that it is not just the government that invests. We also want civil society to invest so that we can strive for Taiwan's future together," said Tsai.

Source: Radio Taiwan International