Average life expectancy in Taiwan hits record high

Life expectancy in Taiwan reached a record high of 80.2 years in 2015, up from 79.84 years in 2014, according to statistics released Thursday by the Ministry of the Interior.

In 2015, the life expectancy of Taiwanese males averaged 77.01, while that of females reached 83.62, both of which were record highs, according to the statistics.

The data predicted that 81 percent of males and 92 percent of females will live past the age of 65.

Half of the males will live longer than 80 years, while half of the females will live longer than 85 years, the statistics show.

Upon reaching the age of 65, Taiwanese men and women tend to live for a further 18.15 and 21.7 years, respectively, according to the statistics.

If the statistics are compared with those of the United States and major European countries, it shows that the life expectancy for Taiwanese men is closest to that of American and German men, but lower than other advanced European countries, said Peng Hsien-ming (???), director of the ministry's Department of Statistics.

The average lifespan for Taiwanese women, meanwhile, is three years higher than that of American women, and close to that of Canadian, British, German and French women, Peng said.

Compared to neighboring Asian countries, the life expectancy of Taiwanese is lower than in Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and higher than China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The lifespan of Taipei citizens reached an average 83.43 years in 2015, the highest among all the cities and counties in Taiwan, the statistics show.

On average, people in northern and western Taiwan live longer than people in southern and eastern Taiwan, due to factors such as lifestyles and access to medical resources.

Over the past 10 years, the life expectancy of male infants increased by 0.25 years per year, while that of female infants increased by 0.28 years per year, Peng said, adding that the life expectancy of Taiwanese is expected to continue to rise in the future.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel