Balmy weather to last until Monday: CWB

Taipei (CNA) The dry and warm weather around Taiwan will continue to last through Monday afternoon before turning cooler and wetter Monday night ,when a continental air mass moves in, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Sunday.

On Sunday, fair weather is forecast for most parts of Taiwan, with the exception of eastern Taiwan, where there are chances of brief showers, and northern Taiwan and mountainous areas in central and southern Taiwan, where brief showers may occur, according to the bureau.

The weather will continue to warm up with reduced moisture Sunday, with western Taiwan and the outlying islands of Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu expected to experience largely sunny skies, according to the bureau.

High temperatures could reach 25 to 30 degrees Celsius in western Taiwan and 23-27 degrees in the east throughout that day, it said.

Lows around the island could stand at 16-21 degrees that day, the bureau said, cautioning people to keep warm and be mindful of sharp fluctuations between daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Due to an anticipated cold air mass, the mercury could dive to 13-14 degrees in northern Taiwan and 16-19 degrees in central and southern Taiwan on Wednesday and Thursday, the bureau said.

There are chances of rainfall in eastern and northern Taiwan between Monday night and Tuesday daytime, it added.

The cold air mass is expected to weaken on Friday and the weather will return sunny around Taiwan over the weekend, according to the bureau.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel