Banquet for commemorating the friendly city agreement between Taoyuan and Narita –

Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Yu Chien-Hua led a Taoyuan City Government delegate on a 4-day Airport City and Cultural Sky Bridge exchange tour in Chiba Prefecture and Narita City in Japan. After Narita and Taoyuan signed a friendly city agreement at Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport hotel on September 16th 2016. To celebrate the event, representatives from both cities held a commemoration banquet. Deputy Mayor Yu expressed that the primary objective of friendly cities is to initiate and deepen friendly exchanges, and hoped that the banquet will be the beginning of a comprehensive and multi-aspect exchanges between the two cities.

Deputy Mayor Yu thanked the support and arrangements provided by Yukio Jitsukawa, former member of the House of Representatives of Japan, a year ago when Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan visited Narita International Airport and its facilities, initiating the process that culminated in the signing of the friendly city agreement on September 16th. Taoyuan and Narita started their relationship through pursuing educational and cultural exchange, which then grew to become a formal friendly city agreement between two cities. Both cities look forward to comprehensive exchanges that cover multiple aspects.

Narita City Mayor Kazunari Koizumi said that Taoyuan City is the 7th friendly city of Narita. The agreement made on this day will bring the two cities closer to each other. Narita was also invited and passionately received at the 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Taoyuan held in February 2016. The city was extremely fortunate to be able to experience the indomitable spirit presented of the festival of lights.

Mayor Koizumi said that romantic connections have been established between Taiwan and Japan in professional sports. Ai Fukuhara, the Japanese table tennis player who represented the country during the Rio Olympics, registered her marriage in Tokyo with Chiang Hung-Chieh, the national table tennis player of Taiwan. The marriage was a popular topic of discussion amongst the Japanese people. The Taiwanese pitcher Chen Kuan-Yu is also one of the best players in Chiba's Lotte Marines team. By signing a friendly city agreement, both cities will be able to build a stronger friendship, advance as one, and attain mutual prosperity. Mayor Koizumi hopes that everyone attending the banquet will continue to offer their support and assistance towards this endeavor.

Since baseball is a popular sport in Taiwan, Mayor Koizumi therefore mentioned Chen Kuan-Yu, a baseball player born in Taiwan, is now a pitcher with Chiba's team of Lotte Marines. The Mayor himself leads the Lotte Marines support organization, and hopes that Chen Kuan-Yu will unleash his skills and make Lotte Marines the best team in Japan.

President and CEO Makoto Natsume of Narita International Airport Corporation expressed that he was extremely moved witnessing both cities of Taoyuan and Narita establishing a sister airport agreement that is built upon the foundations of mutual respect. The visit to Narita International Airport Corporation in September 2015 also established the basis needed to achieve the sister city agreement made on this day. Since its completion in 1979, Taoyuan International Airport has contributed towards the growth of Taiwan and Taoyuan and receives over 30 million travelers every year. Both Narita and Taoyuan international airports share many common features, and it is hoped that both airports will continue to provide significant contributions by building upon this friendly relationship, expand air travel requirements between Taiwan and Japan.

President Shiau Deng-ke of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation thanked Narita airport for their passionate invitation. Both Narita and Taoyuan international airports are important components of the national infrastructure, allowing President Shiau to treat the agreement as an important milestone for Taoyuan City and Taoyuan International Airport. Culturally, Taiwanese sisters share everything with each other. It is hoped that the signing of the agreement will help make both airports share information and support each other to the greatest extent possible.

Attendants to the banquet for commemorating the signing of the sister city agreement included Director-general Tang Hui-Chen of the Department of Civil Affairs, Director-general Kao An-Pang of the Department of Education, Director-general Wang An-Pang of the Department of Labor, Director-general Chu Sung-Wei of the Department of Economic Development, Director-general Chuang Hsiu-Mei of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Director-general Hsia Chin-Hsing of the Department of Sports, Director-general Yang Sheng-ping of the Department of Tourism, Director-general Chang Tun-Han of Department of Public Information, Director-general Chang Chih-Yuan of the Department of General Affairs, Chairman Chang Chang-Tsai of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd., and Dayuan District Chief Lu Shui-Tien.

Source: Taoyuan City