“BBG” organizes an exciting shooting battle. “New-Wongsakorn” brings celebrities to raise funds to develop shooters into professional athletes.

Mr. Ekkapop Dejkriengkraisorn President of BBG Sports Club Presided over the public relations activities for the BBG Charity Championship 2023 to raise funds for professional shooters. At the Tiger Tac. Academy & Shooting Range, Pathum Thani Province on June 1, 2023, with actors, celebrities and influencers. Participated in the event, led by New-Wongsakorn Pramatthakorn, actress, Phatchamon Nawakitthanaka, Miss Tourism World Thailand 2021, Lin-Ramida Nithitamrongkit, tourism ambassador and sports ambassador. Samut Sakhon 2021 and Miss Tourism World Samut Sakhon 2021, Mos Kritidet, a police cadet and actor, including a group of influencers including the butler in front of the mustache, Saranae Gun, Lady sharpshooter, Kakinang TV and Channel Mo

BBG sports club Due to the project under the royal initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Patcharakitiyabha Narentira Thep Yowadee Kromluang Ratchasarinee Siriphat Maha Watcharajthida There will be a plan to establish the BBG Young Gun program among juveniles in the justice system and youth groups lacking social opportunities in 2023, this time expanding the sport category. to provide opportunities for children and youth in the project have the opportunity to learn shooting sports which is a sport that requires knowledge and skills with an emphasis on safety as a priority Therefore, organized the "BBG Charity Championship 2023", a field shooting sport competition with short guns, villagers, mini battles and IDPA between June 17-18 at Tiger Tac. Academy & Shooting Range, Pathum Thani Province.

Objective To raise funds for future projects. as well as creating a space to further develop Thailand's shooting skills, including children and youth in the project and in the BBG Sports Club Able to develop sports skills to international competitions in the future By organizing 3 types of shooting competition activities, namely 1. Local short guns 2. Mini-Rayut 3. IDPA

Mr. Ekapop Detkriengkraisorn said that from the BBG sports club, we had 3 types of sports, namely table tennis, badminton and football, with plans to expand more shooting sports this year. Seeing the opportunity that it is a sport in Thailand, the competition is not very high compared to other sports. which if our target children have the opportunity to learn this sport will be able to make it possible to continue to become a professional athlete They are also more likely to reach their international goals. They will also be skilled in pursuing careers related to this sport.

Mr. Ekkaphob also said that this shooting competition is organized to raise funds to set up a project to create a shooter from children. and youth who lack opportunities in which we choose shooting sports because it is a sport that requires mindfulness and mind to go together which we found that children The problem with these is that the mind goes before consciousness. Therefore bringing the sport of shooting to train them make consciousness and mind go together and change the view on guns that used to be violent weapons But it can also be a sport. and can be a career In this competition, we mainly consider safety by standard teams. which would like to invite those who are interested to join this competition and make merit to help children together

“We appreciate the cooperation from all sectors in the shooting sports industry, athletes, the media who love shooting sports. And have a heart to jointly push the sport of shooting. to help children and the target group of youths will be given the opportunity to develop and change their lives in the future.”

New-Wongsakorn Pramatthakorn said that he was already a shooter. And I'm very happy to be a part of this shooting competition activity. which in addition to the fun of the competition There will be long-term benefits in helping support youngsters. Young people have the opportunity to step into the sport of shooting more. This time is considered the beginning of supporting the children. The new generation is emerging as the country's top athletes.

“For those who want to get started in shooting sports, it is recommended to go to the shooting range only. Study the rules well and consult parents Seek advice from experienced people. In which shooting sports, like all sports, teaches how to win and lose. Including having sportsmanship Make good use of your free time.”

for the charity shooting competition "BBG Charity Championships 2023" by the BBG Sports Club. and cooperation from all sectors who love shooting sports and have the intention to jointly push the sport of shooting to help children and target youths are given the opportunity to develop And change your own life in the future, held at Tiger Tac. Academy & Shooting Range, Pathum Thani Province, between 17-18 June 2023. The competition was divided into 17 June, a 15-meter precision pistol, a pistol 5 shots 8 seconds. , shotgun speed, handgun speed, MINI IPSC Shotgun June 18, 15 meter Accuracy Handgun and IDPA 10 Stage.

In addition, the event also has interesting activities, namely "BBG Exhibition" showcasing the most exclusive guns "BBG Fest." Win discounts, redeem, give away many prizes And you can't miss it on June 18, 2023, "BBG Auction I'm Unicorn Gun", the one and only BBG I'M UNICON (Limited Edition) gun auction for this event. Those interested in participating in the competition can follow more information via the FB Page "BBG CLUB", website www.bbg-club.in.th or call 065-008-0098.

Source: Thai News Agency