Best-selling author Dan Brown to meet fans in Taipei this month

Taipei, Fans of American best-selling author Dan Brown will get to meet him in Taipei on May 26, China Times Publishing Co. said on Friday.

"Origin," published in October 2017, is the fifth book in Brown's mystery thriller series that features fictional protagonist Professor Robert Langdon. It follows bestsellers "Angels & Demons," "The Da Vinci Code," "The Lost Symbol," and "Inferno."

According to China Times, publisher of the Chinese version of his new book "Origin," his latest novel became the best-selling title in Taiwan just two days after its release in bookstores earlier this month.

Locations where Brown's stories take place often tend to become popular tourist spots, China Times Chairman Chao Cheng-ming (???) said, noting that Paris and London were just a few examples of places that became hits among Taiwanese tourists because of the Da Vinci Code.

In his book launch in Frankfurt last year, fans there asked Brown when he will write a novel based on their city, Chao said.

On Thursday, Brown posted on Facebook an old photo of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei without identifying it.

He said he took the photo in 1983 and asked his fans to guess the location of the landmark in the photo, which quickly prompted dozens of responses.

The American author is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech in Taipei on May 26, followed by a Q&A session, according to the publisher.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel