Big Hands and Small Hands Working Together for Environmental Protection

While attending the double people challenge actives of Big Hands and Small Hands Working Together for Environmental Protection in Air Quality Purification Zone at Zhongli District Art Park during the afternoon of October 23rd 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the Taoyuan City Government is actively pursuing measures to reduce air pollution. Taoyuan city has established 29 Air Quality Purification Zones that covered a total area of over 20 hectares in order to improve air quality and provide residents with a place to relax. It is very welcome that every citizens to join and experience the beauty of the Air Quality Purification Zones in today's actives.

Mayor Cheng said that if the entire city could be described as a human body, then the parks would be the lungs that allow the city to breathe. Examples of parks that can help improve surrounding air quality include urban parks, aquatic parks, river green waterfront areas, coastal green waterfront areas, eco-parks, and landscaping with plenty of trees and vegetation. The surrounding areas of the activities location have include three Air Quality Purification Zones such as Yongfu Eco-Park, Xiyuan Road West-side Eco-Park, and Art Eco-Park. Plants grown in these parks help purify the air and improve air quality.

Mayor Cheng said that the city government has planted additional vegetation in Air Quality Purification Zones not only to provide aesthetics greenery, but also improve air quality. While promoting the planting of trees, the Department of Environmental Protection of the Taoyuan City Government also carried out inspections to reduce factory chimneys. The Department of Public Health also advocated smoking cessations. Both these measures helped to further purify the air.

Mayor Cheng said that the city government has actively expanded urban parks and green areas, including the establishment of artificial wetlands, special wetland ecosystem conservation areas, and urban parks. The addition of green landscaping will help transform Taoyuan into a green and healthy city.

Mayor Cheng said that rivers in Taoyuan used to be teeming with fish. And now Taoyuan City Government is actively restoring river waters of Laojie River, Xinjie River, and Nankan River with the hope of bringing back fireflies and native fish species along the rivers of Taoyuan. The city government will be working harder with various agencies and citizens to protect the environment of Taoyuan and create a clean homestead for everyone.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan City Councilors Peng Chun-Hao, Xavier Wang Hao-Yu, Liu-Tseng Yu-Chun, and Huang-Fu Shu-Hsiang, and Director-general Shen Chih-Hsiu of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Source: Taoyuan City