BOE Assisted New 6 Enterprise Groups to Participate in “Energy Saving Task Force Program” and 18 Enterprise Groups Won Prizes for the Excellent Accomplishments on Electricity Saving

To implement the electricity conservation in the industrial sector, the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs(BOE, MOEA) has assisted 58 enterprise groups to set up energy conservation service taskforces and saved the electricity bills up to NTD 19.2 billion. It assisted another 6 enterprise groups to participate in this year and held the flag presentation ceremony for energy conservation taskforces among enterprises in 2016 at the International Convention Center of National Taiwan University Hospital on August 1, 2016. The Minister of MOEA, Mr. Chih-Kung Lee presided over the ceremony and presented flags of taskforces to 6 enterprise groups, and granted prizes to 18 enterprise groups with excellent accomplishments on electricity savings in 2015.

BOE noted that the industrial sector has the largest share (53.4%) in national power consumption. To cope with the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction and the challenges of possible power shortage in the future, the government must take an energy policy highlights in the development of new and renewable energy, the energy conservation to reduce the demand, and the improvement in energy efficiency. The cut in energy consumption can bring in the immediate benefits of costs saving and raise the competitive capability. The most effective approach for achieving the energy efficiency and costs saving for the manufacturing enterprises is to set up the internal energy conservation service taskforces so that the successful efficiency saving cases can be duplicated in the entire business.

The 6 enterprise group participated in the ceremony are all the leading companies in its fields, including China Motor Corporation, USI Group, Kwang Yang Motor Co. Ltd., Taiwan Hon Chuan Group, Zig Shen Industrial Co. Ltd., and Long Chen Paper Co., Ltd. All of them have taken a vow to spare no efforts in carrying out energy saving and carbon reduction in the next three years, with a saving rate targeting at 4.1% on average, about 19 MLOE, including 55.49 GWh of electricity, which is equivalent to NTD 220 million of costs saving, or a reduction of 48,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Minister granted prizes of leading models in electricity saving to the energy service taskforce of 18 enterprise groups with excellent performance. The 18 enterprise groups took positive actions according to "Regulations on Setting Energy Conservation Objectives and Execution Plans for Energy Users" promulgated by MOEA. They are Tatung Co., ASE Group, Lioho Machine Works, Ltd., AU Optronics Corporation, China Steel Corp. Group, Chung Hung Steel, Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd., Cheng Loong Corp., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Formosa Plastics Group, Yuen Foong Yu Paper, Macronix International Co., Ltd., Chang Chun Plastics Co. Ltd., Nanyuan Textile Co., Ltd., Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, ECLAT Textile Corporation Ltd. The total electricity saving was 670 MWh with a saving rate of 1.75% on average, or was equivalent to a reduction of 349,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The main measures of power saving include adoption of efficient lighting, power invertor, IE3 energy-efficient motors, central control of multiple air compressors and replacement of old compressors with energy efficient facilities, pump impeller trimming or using stainless steel impeller for cooling water pumps, energy efficient cooling fan blade, power generation with low-grade waste heat recovery, bypassing the heat flow from fermentation and steam heating (to save power consumption of cooling water pump), etc.

BOE noted that, since 2007, BOE has assisted 58 enterprise groups to set up energy conservation taskforces to carry out energy saving actions with a total saving of 1,887 MLOE. It is a saving of NTD 19.22 billion in energy costs, also equivalent to a reduction of 6.01 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The measures taken so that the magnificent accomplishments can be achieved include establishing the corporate energy management system according to ISO 50001, adopting novel manufacturing process (for efficiency promotion and adjustment of production scheduling), replacing chiller, adopting variable-frequency drive for chiller pump, central control integration of multiple air compressors, LED lighting, and IE3 energy-efficient motors, etc.

BOE also noted that, in order to activate the atmosphere of total realization of power saving, the government will keep urging the enterprise groups to save power, reduce the power peak load and develop more challenging targets for power saving. BOE will continually call the enterprises to show their determination and consensus on carrying out energy conservation and carbon reduction . It will not only cut down the firms' energy bills, but also raise the competition capability. Eventually it provides a strong basis to support the sustainable development and helps attain the harmony between business development and natural environment, and creates a sustainable society with three-way win in economic development, energy conservation and environment protection.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs