Brief showers on Sunday, temperatures to rebound amid reduced moisture

Taipei-Northern and northeastern Taiwan will see brief showers on Sunday, particularly in the afternoon, with the mercury ranging between 18-22 degrees Celsius, while those in other parts of the country will hover around 20-28 degrees, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Thanks to weakening northeasterly winds and reduced moisture, temperatures around Taiwan, however, will rebound noticeably from Monday, the Bureau said. In western Taiwan, highs will reach around 23 degrees on Monday, it said.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the mercury will climb significantly, with highs in north of central Taiwan likely to hit 28-29 degrees, 30-31 in southern Taiwan and 26-28 degrees in eastern Taiwan, the bureau forecast.

However, temperatures will drop again from Thursday evening until Saturday with the arrival of another wave of northeasterly winds and showers for the northern and eastern parts of the country, according to the bureau.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel