British anti-narcotics official in Taipei to discuss drug trafficking

Taipei-Lawrence Gibbons, head of drugs threat at the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency, met with law enforcement officers in Taipei on Monday to talk about the role telecommunications service providers can play in combating illegal drugs, one of the city's police precincts said Tuesday.

The issues discussed included narcotics trafficking, police field inspections, sources of narcotics, and information gathering about drug-related criminal activities, according to a statement issued by the Taipei City Police Department's Daan Precinct.

In the meeting with the precinct's Deputy Chief Huang Kuo-chen(???), head of its investigation team Che Yu-chi (???) and other officers, Gibbons said that drug dealing is being carried out via smartphones and on social media sites, according to the statement.

In light of such trends, law enforcement must work more closely with telecommunications service providers, Gibbons said.

He recommended that telecommunications service providers cooperate in investigations and law enforcement actions to track down primary sources of the illegal drugs, the precinct said.

Gibbons also commended the efforts of Taiwanese police officers in working with communities to identify and tackle crime, the precinct said.

It said the main purpose of Gibbons' visit to Taiwan is to attend an international conference Wednesday on countering narcotics.

The one-day conference, organized by the National Police Agency (NPA), will also be attended by anti-drug officers from Australia, Kiribati and other countries, according to the agency.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel