British startup accelerator opens operations center in Taiwan

Taipei, British startup accelerator The Bakery opened its first Asian operations center in the Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan on Tuesday.

The center, located in the AI_ROBOT innovation makerspace, will help integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and roboticsrelated startups and bring in capital, resources and connections to boost Taiwan's startup environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.

According to Kao Shihwei a Taiwanese partner of The Bakery, the company plans to introduce investment of NT$30 million over the next four years to support startups in Taiwan.

The accelerator hopes to provide a third option, other than the United States and China, for Taiwanese startups seeking to enter the global market, Kao said.

Founded in 2012, The bakery has established an industrial network of more than 10,000 firms in Europe, he said.

The collaboration with Taiwan will not only bring overseas resources into the country, but also introduce Taiwanese startups to the network, he explained.

The Bakery had considered Singapore, China and Japan but ultimately chose Taiwan as its first stop in Asia because of Taiwan's comprehensive supply chain and talent pool, Kao added

"I told them that if The Bakery is able to find its feet in Taiwan, it will not be a problem entering other markets in Asia," Kao said.

Meanwhile, Science and Technology Minster Chen Lianggee expressed hope that through international collaboration and the resources provided by AI_ROBOT, Taiwan can create a launchpad for the country's startups.

Chen said the Southern Taiwan Science Park has become an important base for innovations and startups thanks to efforts by various companies and teams over the past several decades.

While some people were skeptical of the government's decision to build an AI base in the park, The Bakery's choice of the park as its first operations center in Asia proves the government is on the right track, Chen added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel