BSMI establishes shopping trolley standards to ensure consumer safety BSMI, MOEA May 30, 2016

People today often go to supermarkets to buy daily necessities. To ensure the safety of consumers using shopping trolleys, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has announced the CNS 15855 series of standards on May 16, 2016.The CNS 15855 series are modified from BS EN 1929 because there are currently no ISO standards applicable. The series include five standards, covering basket trolleys with or without a child carrying facility and basket trolleys intended to be used on passenger conveyors. The standards are expected to enhance product quality and reduce the risk of accidents.As there have been reported cases of consumers injured by shopping trolleys, the CNS 15855 series of standards for safety requirements are emphasized on the following:1)General safety requirements: Trolleys should be complied with the tests of strength, stability and power required to move a trolley. Sharp edges on all sides and frames that could cause wounds must be removed.2)Collision prevention requirements: The front bottom frame should have a radius of more than 5 mm so as to minimize the risk of injury of others under normal use. Trolleys should not have any protruding parts that could cause injury under normal use (front bottom frame or casters that could hit the ankle of the person in front). Additional prevention measures must be added according to the environment.3)Child safety requirements: Trolleys with a child carrying facility are only suitable for children six month and older and for children weighing below 15 kg. The facility must not contain parts that could pinch, cut or injure children.4)Safety requirements for trolleys on passenger conveyors: Trolleys should be complied with the test of vertical and horizontal stability, stability test on the conveyor , and fall over test when leaving the conveyor.5)Aside from the above safety requirements, the series of standards require that manufacturers provide supermarkets with information on the correct use of trolleys and regular maintenance. Supermarkets should also provide warning signs that remind consumers of the safety of shopping trolleys.A safe shopping environment relies more than just on quality shopping trolleys. It takes the collaboration between manufacturers, supermarkets and consumers to build a safe shopping environment, said the BSMI.Manufacturers are urged to adhere to the CNS 15855 series of standards when producing shopping trolleys. Supermarkets can also set up signs and provide safety information based on the standards. Consumers should follow the signs and keep a safety distance when using trolleys to reduce the probability of accidents.For more information, please visit CNS Online Service at in charge: Department of Standards (First Division)Contact person: Mr. Shih-Wei NiTelephone: (02)3343-5110

Source: Ministry of Interior Republic of China Taiwan