Bucking trends, Taipei Grand Hotel revenue hits 15-year high

Taipei, Despite an ongoing recession in Taiwan's hospitality sector, the Taipei Grand Hotel, one of the city's landmark buildings, registered a 15-year high in revenue in 2017.

The hotel posted NT$1.286 billion (US$43.74 million) in revenue last year, despite a sluggish tourism sector plagued by a fall in the number of group tours from China since President Tsai Ing-wen (???) of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party took office in May 2016.

However, Taipei Grand Hotel Chairman Chang Hsueh-shun (???) told CNA that "thanks to an upturn in arrivals of independent travelers from China and Japanese tourists, the hotel's 2017 revenue soared to a new high in 15 years."

"It's true that the number of Chinese tourists in tour groups staying at the Taipei Grand Hotel dropped noticeably last year, but growth in the number of independent tourists from China and Japanese visitors helped make up the difference," Chang said.

In 2017, Chinese visitors accounted for 34.9 percent of the hotel's total guests, down from 38.64 percent in 2016, hotel tallies show. At the same time, the number of Japanese guests increased from 27.71 percent to 31.55 percent.

"Compared with group tourists, Chinese independent travelers are more willing to pay a higher price for accommodation. Coupled with the rise in the number of Japanese guests, the two factors are the reason why the hotel's average accommodation price per night has been increased," he explained.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel