CDC confirms first case of dengue fever in Taipei

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says they have detected the first case of dengue fever in Taipei City caused by infection from a local source. Dengue cases are usually confined to Taiwan's tropical south.

The CDC made the announcement on Friday, saying that this is the sixth case in the nation since summer. The patient is a 56-year-old woman who lives in Taipei's Neihu district. The patient has not recently traveled abroad. The CDC said there is a high correlation between her infection and a previous case detected in the same neighborhood three weeks ago.

The CDC says it is likely that mosquitos in the area currently carry the virus. They have asked the local health department to reinforce vector control. They have also advised the public to report to local health experts should they see anyone who shows symptoms of dengue fever.

Dengue fever is a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitos which is fatal in a small proportion of cases. Last year, the tropical south of Taiwan saw the country's biggest dengue outbreak. Over 40,000 people were infected, mainly in the cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung. More than 100 deaths occurred as a result.

Source: Radio Taiwan International