Celebrating the World Metrology Day, BSMI held the international conference BSMI, MOEA May 18, 2016

Metrology is a science that is interwoven with our lives and affects industries and technology. To celebrate the annual World Metrology Day and in response to the theme "Measurements in a Dynamic World" announced by Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) held an international conference related with current development trends of metrology at the Industrial Technology Research Institute on May 18.

The conference, hosted by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Cho Shih-Chao, invited professionals from Taiwan and abroad, including the secretary of Comite international des poids et mesures (CIPM) Dr. James McLaren, and the Vice President of ASUS Strategy Research Office Henry Yeh. The event allowed participants from industry, government and academia field to share insights on the recent development of metrology, measurement techniques and applications of metrology in daily life.

In deputy Minister's opening speech, focusing on the theme for World Metrology Day 2016 and the importance of metrology to economic development, pointed out that we are living in a fast changing world which the speed of business and technology development is beyond our imagination. If Taiwan wants to gain a competitive ability in the global market, it is vital that Taiwan has an upper hand in the latest technology and develops a new supply chain with advanced metrology technology support. In addition, voluminous dynamic data derived from new technologies will also need advanced measurement capability to process.

CIPM Secretary Dr. James McLaren from Canada shared his points of view about the importance of metrology in industrial and commercial sectors. Meanwhile, ASUS Strategy Research Office Vice President Henry Yeh, he shared the concepts, instruments and future applications for the measurement of Internet of Things in his speech.

To understand more about what metrology is, conference participants were also invited to tour the National Measurement Laboratory. A total number of 150 participants from guild associations, Electronics Testing Center (Taiwan), Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center and Taiwan Accreditation Foundation were attended. The tour gave participants an overview about the role of metrology in a dynamic world and they all gave positive responds about the experience.

Technology is making our day-to-day activities more and more convenient. However, the development of technology requires the support of precision and mature measurement techniques, said the BSMI. Gaining an upper hand in dynamic data measurement is beneficial to developing high technology. Advanced technologies such as high speed disk drives, power grid parameter for renewable energy, Industry 4.0 automatic production system, Internet of things and big data all require high standard metrology measurement. BSMI will continue supporting the development of these technologies to upgrade local businesses through reliable measurement technologies in the 21st century.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs