Central bank proposes measures to stimulate domestic travel

Taipei--Taiwan's central bank has proposed that the government develop tailor-made holiday packages and improve Taiwan's tourism product in a bid to spur greater interest in domestic travel and help boost the country's economy.

For example, the government should provide better transportation links to tourist sites and improve access to information about travel in Taiwan, the central bank said.

It also suggested that tailor-made tours for different groups such as seniors or people with disabilities would help attract more domestic travel and said Taiwan's unique cultural resources should be better promoted.

While more Taiwanese have been traveling domestically and abroad in recent years as a result of generally higher disposable income, they have been spending less on domestic tours, according to the central bank.

In the period 2011 to 2015, the annual number of trips made by domestic travelers increased 17 percent to 178.52 million but their spending grew only 7 percent over that period and showed annual growth only in 2015, the bank said.

Meanwhile, the number of Taiwanese traveling abroad in the same five-year period increased 38 percent to 13.18 million in 2015 and their spending increased 53 percent, the bank said.

Furthermore, the difference between Taiwanese spending on overseas and domestic travel has been widening every year since 2012, the bank said.

It said the data also shows a decline in per capita domestic travel spending.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel