Chance of terrorist attack at 2017 Summer Universiade slim: NSB

National Security Bureau (NSB) Director-General Peng Sheng-chu says the probability of Taiwan's being hit by a terrorist attack during the 2017 Summer Universiade is low. He was speaking Monday at the legislature.

With about four months remaining before Taipei plays host to the global sporting event for student athletes in late August, concerns over security have been mounting. That's despite a report by the Australia-based Institute of Economics and Peace which ranked Taiwan 122nd in a global terrorism index of 163 countries last year. In that survey, the higher the number, the smaller the risk.

But while Taiwan is a low-risk country, ruling and opposition lawmakers, as well as the foreign ministry, are urging the government to step up security.

Peng promised to maintain vigilance. The National Police Agency says it will mobilize 7,000 police officers to help maintain security at the venue every day.

The agency's Deputy Director-General Zhou Wen-ke says the bureau has been trying to gather anti-terrorism information indirectly since Taiwan is not a member of Interpol or the International Criminal Police Organization.

We have dispatched police officers to ten countries and areas and will improve the exchange of intelligence. During a recent trip to Europe, the head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau made a request for anti-terrorism intelligence from the police organization there. We made that request.

Source: Radio Taiwan International