Chiayi office helps Japanese find long lost friend in Taiwan

A household registration office in Chiayi has recently helped two Japanese people locate a Taiwanese woman whom they had lost contact with for 30 years with no other clue than the woman's name.

The woman surnamed Cheng and her uncle had lived in Japan for only a short period of time 30 years ago, during which they attended Tenrikyo Church activities and made acquaintance with one of the two people who came to Taiwan looking for her, the household registration office said Tuesday. The man, surnamed Masuda, is now an official of the church.

According to the office, Cheng said she and her uncle received assistance from Masuda and his father while in Japan but they lost contact with them after returning to Taiwan. Her uncle died several years ago, she added.

Masuda came to Taiwan recently along with a companion and tried to find the long lost friends in areas from Tainan to Chiayi in southern Taiwan.

After trying several other locations in vain, the two people turned to the household registration office in Chiayi's West District for help by providing only the name of the woman they wanted to locate, according to the office.

After checking related files, the household registration office eventually found Cheng's whereabouts and immediately made a phone call to Cheng.

Half an hour later, Cheng arrived at the household registration office, bringing a photo album containing faded photographs. The woman and her Japanese visitors began chatting about the old days in the office.

The two Japanese people expressed admiration for the household registration office's success in finding out the long lost friend within only two hours, according to the office.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel