China asked to explain contaminated mushroom shipments to Taiwan

China has been given 45 days to provide a written explanation of why its recent shipments of dried Lion's Mane mushrooms to Taiwan have been contaminated, after a recent batch of the produce was found to contain excessive herbicide residues, Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday.

The FDA asked for the information, as it was the 13th time in six months that shipments of Lion's Mane mushrooms from China had arrived in Taiwan with high levels herbicide residues, the FDA said, after publishing its latest report on substandard food imports.

The latest batch of contaminated Lion's Mane mushrooms, imported by Co Cheng Trading Co. in Taipei, was found to contain 0.07 ppm of acetochlor, a herbicide that is banned in Taiwan, according to Chen Ching-yu (???), head of the FDA's Northern Center.

Chen told CNA that since May 2, Taiwan Customs has been checking all shipments of the mushrooms from China.

Chinese authorities have now been asked to provide an explanation to the FDA of why the 13 shipments of Lion's Mane mushrooms to Taiwan have been contaminated, he said.

If the FDA does not receive a response within 45 days, importation of the mushrooms will be halted, Chen said.

Meanwhile, the 5,763 kilograms of Lion's Mane mushrooms that arrived recently will either be returned to China or destroyed, as were all the other 12 shipments of imported farm produce found to be substandard, according to the FDA.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel