China blamed for severing of ties with Sao Tome

Taiwan’s Presidential Office on Wednesday accused China of using Sao Tome and Principe’s financial woes to promote its one-China principle after the small west African state announced earlier that it was severing diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The Presidential Office said in a statement that China’s move would hurt the feelings of Taiwan’s people and harm the stable development of cross-Taiwan Strait relations.

It also expressed deep regret over Sao Tome and Principe’s decision to end diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Although the ROC has the ability to help its diplomatic allies on all fronts and is willing to do its utmost to assist them, the government said Taiwan will not engage in checkbook diplomacy.

The Presidential Office said that regardless of which party is in power and their stance on cross-strait policy, the people of Taiwan, the ruling and opposition parties have to unite in the face of common external challenges.

The government will continue to respond cautiously to the difficulties and challenge facing the country as it seeks to protect the national interest and wellbeing of its people, it added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel