China says US’ potential arms sales to Taiwan a breach of international laws

China has expressed protest and has made a diplomatic representation to the United States (US) over the country's approval of arms sales to Taiwan, which China sees as its rebel province, Sputnik news agency reported, quoting the Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesman, Geng Shuang on Tuesday.

The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency announced on Monday that the US Department of State had signed off on Taiwan's request to purchase over 100 M1A2T Abrams tanks and related equipment.

The deal is valued at over US$2 billion. The United States also agreed to sell to Taiwan 250 Stinger antiaircraft missiles worth around US$224 million.

Sales of US weapons to Taiwan are a serious violation of international law and basic norms regulating international relations. This violates the OneChina policy and three joint USChinese communiques. This is also a serious interference in China's domestic affairs, which damages its sovereignty and its security interests. We express protest over these actions, Geng said at a briefing.

China has already made a strict representation to the US side, the spokesman added.

Source: Nam News Network