Chinese Consolidated Benevelent Association Los Angeles Visits OCAC

The delegation of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Los Angeles (CCBALA), led by Stephen K. Fong, visited the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) on September 19. It was warmly received by Minister Hsin-hsing Wu, accompanied by Yuan-Rong Leu, the Vice Minister of the OCAC, and Kuo Ta-wen, the Director General of Department of Overseas Community Services of the OCAC. Wu welcomed the delegates for returning home to witness Taiwan's democratic attainments in recent years, and thanked the CCBALA for its staunch support for the Republic of China.

Wu noted that since the CCBALA's establishment 127 years ago, it has forged a strong tie with the R.O.C, ranging from its support for the revolutionary aspirations of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, to its steady affirmation for the republic from overseas. R.O.C in Taiwan is the testament of Dr. Sun's vision: "government of the people, by the people, for the people;" it also stands for the fulfillment of democracy and freedom. The support for the R.O.C from overseas communities is historically-linked, and ideologically-based.

Wu further remarked that what has been achieved by the R.O.C in Taiwan can serve as a model for China, whose democratization is the vision of every overseas compatriot across the world. Wu encouraged every member to remember the determination in the beginning, stay true to their faith in freedom and democracy. He also expounded the government's stance on cross-strait policies, the continuation and consistency of policies for the overseas communities. His remarks earned resounding applause.

Fong said that overseas communities get along well with one another, and support the R.O.C through and through. He thanked the OCAC for the long-term supporting for the overseas communities and compatriot education programs. The delegation has benefited tremendously from the visit as they learned more about the government's governance and overseas affairs policies.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council