Chinese fishing boat held by Penghu coast guard for poaching

Taipei, A Chinese fishing vessel and its crew were detained by the Penghu coast guard for poaching in Taiwan's waters Wednesday, according to the Coast Guard Administration.

The China-based Min-shi-yu No. 06522 and its crew of seven were apprehended after being caught operating illegally 2.3 nautical miles north of Penghu's Mudou Islet in the dark of the night, said Lin Chih-ming (???), vice captain of the Penghu coast guard.

The Chinese boat made a failed attempt to take evasive action to escape when the Penghu coast guard officers approached it to conduct an onboard check, Lin said, adding that 100 kilograms of fish seized aboard was tossed into the sea.

Its captain, surnamed Huang, and six other fishermen were detained in Makong for further investigation, according to Lin.

The Min-shi-yu No. 06522 was the second Chinese fishing vessel caught by the Penghu coast guard in just three days as weather conditions have recently improved.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel