Chinese man touched by Taiwanese government’s service spirit

A 72-year-old Chinese national has recently sent a letter to the Hsinchu city government to extend his thanks for its assistance in his search for traces of his late father's life in Taiwan, according to the city government.

The letter was from Han Fengming from China's Hangzhou, who led a group of 15 of his family members during a visit to Taiwan last month, officials of the personnel affairs department of the Hsinchu city government told CNA.

At first, the visitors merely walked around in front of the department offices. Upon being asked about the purpose of their visit, Han said he was seeking his roots by looking for traces of his late father's life there, the officials said.

According to Han, he lost contact with his father at the age of 3, when his father went to Taiwan along with the Nationalist army. Since then, he had heard no word about his father, he said.

Han said that later, thanks to the opening policy of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, he managed to acquire the information that his father served at the then-Hsinchu County Hall (now Hsinchu City Hall) in 1947, so he decided to take his family to Taiwan in search of his father's footprints here.

Officials at the department immediately began helping the visitors, leading them on a tour of Han's father's workplace and describing the nature of his work.

City officials also tried to find traces of his employment record from 1947 by combing through old personnel documents at the department, but failed to locate anything of relevance, the officials said.

Unwilling to disappoint Han, they continued the search for documentary proof of his father's employment even after Han returned to China, and updated the results of the search in a letter to Han dated in late July, the officials said.

The department got a letter from Han in reply a few days ago, in which he lauded the local government for being so passionate and helpful in its hosting of a common Chinese visitor.

"I feel the true close-to-the-people spirit of your government staff," Han said, noting that his whole family was deeply touched by the city government's help.

Although nothing was found relating to his father, he returned home with full satisfaction, Han added in the letter

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council