Chinese student in Taiwan could be expelled for attacking HK student

Taipei-A Chinese student studying at I-Shou University in Kaohsiung could be expelled from the university for attacking a Hong Kong schoolmate who posted notes in support of the pro-democracy protests in the special administrative region, the university said Friday.

The Hong Kong student, a freshman, was assaulted last Friday after posting notes in his campus dormitory with messages supporting the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, I-Shou University said.

According to the university, the notes posted by the student read “HK” and “today Hong Kong, tomorrow Taiwan,” the latter of which is often used by activists to suggest Taiwan and Hong Kong face similar threats from China.

The notes irritated a Chinese student living in the same dormitory and he ripped up the notes, grabbed the Hong Kong student by the neck, splashed water on him, cursed him and threatened him, the university said.

The Hong Kong student reported the violence to the police but decided not to file charges and the case was settled Wednesday, according to the university.

However, the case will still be examined by I-Shou’s student disciplinary committee and the Chinese student could be expelled, the university said.

I-Shou University Vice President Chou Jaw-min (???) said the university has sent out a notice to all the university’s students calling for respect for different opinions.

This is not the only case in which Hong Kong students in Taiwan have faced hostility when showing support for the protesters.

On Wednesday, a Hong Kong student at Soochow University found that a wall on campus adorned with messages supporting the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong had been vandalized.

The school had approved the use of the wall and six vandals were caught on surveillance camera footage.

It was not known if the vandals are Chinese nationals.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel