Chuanghua’s wind farm to supply electricity to 5.8 million households

Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming Ku said their future wind farms will be able to supply electricity to 5.8 million households a year. He was speaking in an interview with Radio Taiwan International on Monday. Last week, Taiwan had a major power outage which has brought the issue of Taiwan’s energy supply to the forefront.

Wei said that green energy is the future. He plans to turn Changhua Coastal Industrial Park into an Asia-Pacific smart green energy center. The park already has over NT$1 trillion in investments.

Wei spoke about their plan for an offshore wind farm. He said the plan is for them to build 50-100 wind turbines a year which will begin operations in 4 years. After 10 years, they will have built 800 turbines. Wei said wind power is better than solar energy because they can use wind power 24 hours a day. Wei spoke about the future of wind power in Changhua:

“When 1000 [wind turbines] are built, we can supply energy to 5.8 million households a year. That means our wind turbines can [supply energy] from Yunlin County to Yilan County. That’s very impressive,” said Wei.

Wei said Changhua’s wind farm plans play an important role in the government’s goal to phase out nuclear power by 2025.

Source: Radio Taiwan International