Chula research Pointing out that Thai vocational skills are outstanding. The Prime Minister orders them to increase their potential.

Bangkok: Government spokesperson reveals Chula research Pointing out Thai vocational workers with outstanding skills It is in demand in the domestic and international markets. The Prime Minister is confident in the potential of vocational workers. Order to move forward to increase potential Enhance advanced and specialized skills Raise the Thai vocational level Competitive in the world market Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Give importance to policy guidelines for upgrading the Thai vocational education system. Especially enhancing advanced and specialized skills. To increase competitiveness and meets the needs of the world labor market According to Chulalongkorn University's research on Thai vocational workers, Thai vocational workers have outstanding skills. If you receive serious training and development It will be an important force driving the economic growth of the country. Spokesperson for the P rime Minister's Office Revealing information about Chulalongkorn University research studies Concerning the development of the potential and identity of Thai vocational workers, which states that Thai vocational workers have a unique identity that is accepted and desired in the labor market both within and abroad. Especially in industries that require high skills and expertise. In addition, Thai vocational workers are different from vocational workers in other countries. Thai vocational workers are humble, respectful, friendly, live easily, and have a kind heart to help. This makes employers impressed. However, if Thai students and vocational workers are supported by increasing their specialized skills and knowledge. including foreign language communication and information technology It will make Thai students and vocational workers stand out in leaps and bounds. This will be an important force in developing the country and driving the growth of the Thai economy. ( S pokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office He added that the Prime Minister recognizes the importance of Thai vocational students and workers to the country's industrial and economic systems. He has given orders to move forward with the policy to upgrade the Thai vocational education system to international standards. Enhance advanced and specialized skills including skills that are likely to be needed in the future To meet the needs of the establishment Ready to seek cooperation in vocational education with various countries in order to exchange knowledge. students and staff and good practices between each other Including resolving conflicts Promote a positive image of Thai vocational education. To encourage more vocational studies Solve the problem of shortage of skilled workers from vocational education in many important industries of the country. 'The Prime Minister sets policies to develop the potential of students and workers in vocational education. It believes that students and vocational workers ar e valuable to the country's economic system. Has the potential to be in demand in the world market The government moves forward to strengthen the Thai vocational education system, both Upskill and Reskill, promoting the development of necessary new skills. Responding to the needs of the labor market Ready to increase the competitiveness of Thai workers at the world level,' Mr. Chai said.-313.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency