Cisco opens cybersecurity talent incubation center in Taiwan

Taipei-Cisco Systems Inc., an American IT, networking and cybersecurity solutions provider, has opened a cybersecurity talent incubation center in Taiwan.

The center, the first of its kind in the region from Cisco, was inaugurated Tuesday in the Startup Terrace in New Taipei's Linkou, a complex established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to facilitate innovations in the country.

Partnering with Taiwan's Ausenior Information Co., Cisco launched the center under the American firm's DevNet platform, which aims to help IT hardware engineers extend their reach into software development.

According to Ciscso, the DevNet platform covers nine major areas: software defined networking, cybersecurity, cloud technology, data centers, action, the Internet of Things, cooperation, services and open source software development.

The center expects active government participation and is looking for local startups to help, while the facility will follow the government's policies for talent cultivation, Cisco said.

The center is expected to serve as a platform for IT specialists to exchange views, and provide solutions to Taiwanese firms in a bid to enhance operations and eventually boost their global visibility, it added.

The American company said the DevNet ecosystem has developed more than 1,500 solutions and over 100 programming codes, which are expected to help enterprises upgrade.

George Chen (???), senior vice president of Cisco's Greater China operations and head of Cisco Taiwan, said the center aims to provide a platform to help Taiwanese companies integrate their hardware and software strength.

The center will introduce an international certification system in three years, a move expected to ensure Taiwanese cybersecurity specialists are more visible on the global market, Chen said.

Cisco has invested in Taiwan for about two decades and will continue to do so, he added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel