Cloudy to sunny weather forecast for the week

Taipei--Northern and eastern Taiwan and mountainous areas in the country could see brief showers in the following week, but other areas can expect cloudy to sunny skies, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Saturday.

Cloudy to sunny skies are expected in most parts of Taiwan on Saturday, with showers forecast only in eastern Taiwan and mountains in the north, the CWB said.

From Saturday night through Sunday, the passing of a weather front in the north could bring showers to the northern and eastern parts of the country and mountainous areas in central Taiwan, but the weather in other areas is expected to remain cloudy but dry, according to the bureau.

On March 21 and 22, the weather is expected to turn cooler in the north and northeast as seasonal northeasterly winds set in. Northern and eastern Taiwan could experience brief showers, but other areas are forecast to see cloudy to sunny conditions on those two days, the bureau said.

Temperatures are forecast to range between 15-21 degrees Celsius in the north, 17-25 degrees in central Taiwan, 19-28 degrees in the south and 17-22 degrees in the east on those two days, bureau data show.

Northeasterly winds are forecast to weaken on March 23 and 24, but there is still a chance to see showers in northern and eastern Taiwan and mountains in central and southern Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel