CNA to help Culture Ministry set up English-language video portal

Taipei,  The Ministry of Culture (MOC) announced Monday that it will commission CNA to undertake the preliminary phase of an English-language international video programming portal project with an eye to introducing Taiwan to the world.

In a press statement, the MOC said it decided to task CNA with the work to take advantage of the national news agency’s decades-long experience in offering local and international news and its cooperation with international media outlets.

In the role, CNA will be responsible for the preparatory work for the establishment of the portal, such as strengthening the deployment of a global news network, video program production, an operations team and organizational planning as well as the establishment of technical specifications, the ministry said.

The ministry said it has previously sought out opinions from experts in the field, most of whom have proposed that a publicly funded foundation should be responsible for the portal to make sure it can operate over the long term.

CNA expressed its desire to take over the responsibility of setting up and subsequent running of the video portal.

The MOC believes that CNA is qualified for the job as it was founded with the purpose of promoting deeper understanding of Taiwan within the international community.

It also already has multi-language talent; experience in producing professional news content; and has correspondents around the globe, it said.

The streaming portal will provide online live streams and video-on-demand services featuring content that introduces Taiwan’s freedom and democracy, culture, business and economics, public health and welfare, tourist attractions and cuisine to a global audience, it said.

According to the MOC, it has allocated a budget of NT$38.77 million (US$1.32 million) for 2020 to set up the video portal.

It also said it has proposed a follow-up four-year project to support the portal’s operations from 2021 to 2024, which is pending approval from the Executive Yuan.

In response, CNA said one of its main missions has always been to transmit news to the outside world for Taiwan and to promote the international community’s understanding of the country.

During a previous board meeting in August, CNA was originally planning to put up a proposal to request the MOC to provide more funding to upgrade CNA’s English-language news website “Focus Taiwan” with a focus on providing more video content.

After consulting with the MOC, CNA later revised the proposal into that of setting up and running the international video programming portal, it noted.

Based on the existing foundation with “Focus Taiwan” and its video news channel, CNA will work with other media outlets and recruit related talent to undertake the mission, it said.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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