Cold weather to last until Feb. 28: Weather bureau

Taipei--Temperatures dropped in Taiwan on Thursday under the effect of a weather front, and are expected to fall even further with the arrival of another cold air mass from China, the Central Weather Bureau said Thursday, predicting that the cold weather will last until Feb. 28.

On Thursday morning, low temperatures in northern Taiwan dropped 3-4 degrees Celsius from a day earlier, while other parts of Taiwan were also expected to see chillier weather from Thursday afternoon, the bureau said.

Lows are forecast to drop further as the day progresses, dropping to 13-15 degrees in the north, 16 degrees in central Taiwan, 18-19 degrees in southern Taiwan and eastern Taiwan's Hualien, and 20 degrees in eastern Taiwan's Taitung, the bureau said.

Lows are expected to drop further to 11 degrees in the north, 13 degrees in northeastern Taiwan, 14 degrees in central Taiwan, 15 degrees in the south and 16-17 degrees in the east in the coming days, the bureau said.

Daytime highs will be below 20 degrees in the north and east and around 20 degrees in central Taiwan, but could still reach above 20 degrees in the south, according to the bureau.

Meanwhile, as clouds and rain from southern China move east, areas around Taiwan could see showers, with cold and wet weather felt more strongly in the north and northeast in the next few days, the bureau said.

Temperatures are forecast to return to a relatively warmer level from Feb. 28 as the cold air mass weakens, but temperatures in the early morning could still remain low.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel